Corporations and individuals coming to market should know the rigorous regulations surrounding the media in the UAE, particularly digital distribution. Our attorneys are well-versed in local media policies and guidelines and often engage with the National Media Council (NMC), the federal government organization in charge of media matters in the UAE, on licensure, dissemination, and certification issues. 

Print media, including newspapers and periodicals, along with digital and social media channels, are all within our scope.

We provide intellectual property approaches and litigation solutions to our sports and entertainment clientele, promoting the growth, administration, preservation, and execution of their copyright, brands, and publicity rights.

Our attorneys have extensive experience applying a variety of cultural legal disciplines to the realms of experienced and novice sports, along with musical, cinema, media, and art. To provide thorough counsel, we draw on our extensive experience in corporate law and litigation, our particular understanding of artistic and sports clients, and our expertise in intellectual property and taxation.

Regardless of the sector you want to invest in within the MENA region, the commerce attorneys at Hammad & Al-Mehdar are ready to give you all the legal help you need. Our experience in handling a wide variety of business issues allows us to ensure that your investment thrives rapidly. Contact us today to setup a free consultation.