The financial services sector in Saudi Arabia is currently undergoing some of the most substantial legislative and regulatory changes in years. Across all facets of their proprietary and transactional organizational needs, commercial and investment banks, asset and wealth managers, broker-dealers, investment managers, financial sponsors, FinTech enterprises, payment service providers, exchanges, alternative trading systems, clearinghouses, insurance companies, settlement systems, and trade representatives depend on our insightful and strategic guidance.

Every financial services business has had to rethink the products it provides and the clients it targets. We consider innovation a significant factor, and technologies like blockchain might be game-changer years from now. In addition, booming funding options such as peer-to-peer borrowing, and crowdsourcing financing may drastically alter the role of banks and the financial sponsorship for financial intermediaries. We are always in the marketplace and on the front lines to guarantee that we are assisting in discovering and exploiting opportunities in this competitive industry.

Our universally recognizable and sought-for experts share insights and analysis of significant legal practices and concerns influencing the market to enable more effective strategic decisions as clients cope with the unpredictability of today’s marketplace. We engage with you to ensure you remain informed while mitigating risk. This includes using our expertise to lead and coach the most difficult multi-jurisdictional situations.

We frequently operate as an arm of our client’s legal teams as we comprehend the underpinnings of what our financial services clients seek. We always remain pragmatic and business-minded while being aware of the significance of offering world-class legal counsel while remaining flexible.

We maintain close connections with the major market players, financial authorities, and policymakers at the national, local, and open territory stages. Hammad & Al-Mehdar offers guidelines on the scope and application of laws throughout an array of financial services industries.

Our real-world experience and technical skills allow us to utilize a wide range of commercial, banking, and corporate legal doctrines, as well as have a firm grasp of compliance challenges. This enables us to provide counsel to clients whose operations fall under the purview of regional financial legislation or demand an understanding of it.

Financial firms, investment organizations, insurance companies, asset managers, financial intermediaries, commodity dealers, and domain experts are among our clientele in the financial industry. We also frequently represent forex exchange firms, rating agencies, marketplace vendors, trading platform vendors, savings, and credit cooperative establishments. 

Furthermore, we guide regulators and government agencies, especially on drafting new laws or reviewing the impact of existing financial laws and policies. Our solutions are accessible not just to corporate entities but also to people who are dealing with similar issues and legalities.

The Hammad & Al-Mehdar pan-regional team of talented financial attorneys has an extensive record of helping local and international banking institutions, lenders, corporations, and governmental bodies, as well as other key stakeholders operating in the region. Our attorneys have unrivaled skill and understanding in drafting, negotiating, and documenting commercial transactions, having served in leading financial firms, agencies, and sponsorships within our broad conventional and Islamic network.