In the Middle East, healthcare is among the fastest developing industries. Fresh problems and threats have emerged as the market develops innovative business models based on technology innovation. The new issues brought about by digitalization continue to plague all segments of the healthcare industry.

As a result, the more stringent legislative measures aimed at regulating the sector arise almost every day. However, we have a significant edge as a proactive legal practice since our regional representatives and clerks are well-positioned to adapt and even work around them.

The dilemmas plaguing healthcare businesses stretch to a wide range of industries; something our multidisciplinary team is eminently qualified to address. Privacy protection and intellectual property challenges, compliance issues, mergers & acquisitions, and partnership strategies are all things we encounter regularly.

Our clients rely on our expertise in the health sector to get the quick, accurate, and effective legal recommendations they deserve. We can also leverage our litigation experience and strategic techniques to get the best probable outcome in your arbitration hearing.