The energy industry, a key propeller of global economies, is subject to economic, geopolitical, and regulatory challenges. You need consultants that know your business and engage with energy executives, industry associations, authorities, governments, and financiers to stay on top of the industries’ legislative, economic, and risk concerns.

Our attorneys give energy and emissions, financing, and program management guidance to governmental and sub-governmental institutions, manufacturers and vendors, and financiers.

Our staff has experience in a variety of energy industries, including oil and gas, LNG, petrochemical products, electricity, renewable sources (including solar), and drainage. We provide guidance on documentation, organizational architecture, and large-scale project negotiations, along with property (and lease), construction, structure reshaping, among other areas.

Our attorneys help clients in all aspects of the industry, covering downstream, midstream, and upstream oil and gas power supply, nuclear power, and renewables. Our energy experts address all of your strategic issues worldwide, whether you are an independent investor, NOC, state, IOC, electrical firm, or financial firm.