The UAE and Saudi economies rely heavily on thriving construction sectors. Our firm’s construction department gives statutory expertise to defend the welfare of key players in the field, such as builders, project consultants, financiers, contractors, financial firms, and building maintenance firms.

Our client-focused, comprehensive solution-driven approach guarantees that our clients get exposure to a variety of necessary services to simplify operations in this tough industry and get gratifying results.

We provide specialist support throughout the construction sector’s complete project lifecycle. This includes early project advice on tenders, proposals, and paperwork, along with ensuring compliance with legal procedures when in pursuit of strategic development planning and risk mitigation.

Our attorneys create the relevant legal ground for contractor relationships, guaranteeing that the work scope, objectives, and potential losses are all well-defined. We help with lawsuit prep and settlement, ensuring that clients meet all relevant compliance obligations.

Our real estate lawyers are intimately engaged in transferring the taxation (payout of all dues, tracking of fiscal exposure, inventive and efficient remedies to issues that arise during construction).