With over 1 million learners attending private and public institutions, the UAE’s education system is among the fastest developing in the world. Considering its huge youth population, this pattern is likely to persist. As a result, academic institutions can advance and leverage their local presence, which requires strategic organizational guidance.

We offer advice derived from our business and conflict resolution disciplines, which include schools, educators, vocational institutes, and higher institutions. Our attorneys provide guidance on acquisitions and mergers, structuring, finance, partnerships, and employment laws.

The highly experienced attorneys at Hammad & Al-Mehdar guide you to comprehend and manage developing legal trends in the UAE’s education industry. We keep abreast of these trends and work with you to tailor solutions that meet your aspirations.

We safeguard educators’ values and support them in attaining their academic goals through innovative and intelligent approaches by applying our diligence and prudence gained from vast and profound knowledge of educational law.