HMCO’s M&A team plays a pivotal role in the Nybl and Basserah Merger, which will Redefine Data and Robotic Process Automation

Nybl, a leading innovator in data solutions, proudly announces its merger with Basserah, a prominent Saudi-based company specialising in robotic process automation (RPA). This strategic collaboration, facilitated by HMCO as the exclusive legal M&A team for Nybl, marks a significant milestone in the evolution of both companies and the industries they serve.

The merger combines Nybl’s expertise in cutting-edge data solutions with Basserah’s renowned capabilities in robotic process automation. This synergy promises to revolutionise data management and automation innovation, driving increased efficiency and value for clients across various sectors.

Noor Alnahhas, CEO of nybl, shares: “We are excited to welcome Basserah’s talented team into the nybl community. We expect the merger to strongly enhance the nybl offering, strengthen the region’s economy and technological capacity, and position us for positive global growth.

As part of the merger, Nybl’s exclusive legal M&A team, HMCO, was pivotal in facilitating the partnership. The team, comprised of Abdulrahman Hammad, Reina Elali, Hashem ElHawari, and Jude Abualhashem, worked tirelessly to ensure the deal’s success.

“We are proud to have been instrumental in bringing Nybl and Basserah together,” said Abdulrahman Hammad, Partner at HMCO. “This merger exemplifies our dedication to fostering strategic partnerships that drive innovation and create value for all stakeholders involved.”

The combined expertise of Nybl and Basserah sets the stage for groundbreaking advancements in data management and automation. Clients can expect enhanced solutions tailored to meet their evolving needs, while stakeholders can anticipate increased opportunities for growth and development.