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Mergers & Acquisitions 2022

The Saudi market showed more resilience and has started to mature in new sectors such as VC Capital, by attracting global investors and increasing the number of VC firms locally. It is expected that the region in general will witness more M&A deals to streamline costs.

The year 2022 is expected to bring further developments and adoption of new laws and regulations that will aim to boost the Saudi business environment and empower and attract talent. Industry watchers sense Saudi’s Vision 2030 may operate as a long-term economic catalyst to spur deals from companies looking to achieve operational synergy through economies of scale.

We share high-level insights on the M&A market across Saudi Arabia, along with the key legal developments which further reinforce deals.

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GLI-M&A22_Chapter 12_Saudi ArabiaGLI-M&A22_Chapter 12_Saudi Arabia