A Pivotal Transaction with Bin-Shihon Group

At HMCO, we prioritise navigating complex legal landscapes to secure advantageous client positions. Our recent collaboration with the Bin-Shihon Group of Saudi Arabia underscores our expertise and commitment to delivering exceptional service. This case study illustrates the intricate dynamics of this transaction, shedding light on our professional insight.

Client Overview:

Bin-Shihon Group, a reputable entity in Saudi Arabia, sought our legal counsel for a significant transaction with Eni Sustainable Mobility S.p.A, a subsidiary of the global oil and gas titan, Eni S.p.A. The focal point of this transaction revolved around the exclusive agreements concerning the distribution and marketing of Eni-branded products.

Counterparty Overview:

Eni Sustainable Mobility S.p.A specialises in distributing and marketing Eni branded lubricating oils, greases, car care goods, and special products for industrial, automotive, and marine applications. Their parent company, Eni S.p.A, is a conglomerate in the global oil and gas sector, making this transaction a noteworthy endeavour for our client.

HMCO’s Expert Team:

Our proficient team, comprising Suhaib Hammad, Hashem ElHawari, Yazeed AlJuhani, and Nadeen Ezzat, spearheaded the legal facets of this transaction. Their collective expertise ensured a meticulous evaluation and negotiation of the agreements, safeguarding our client’s interests.

Transaction Dynamics:

We provided comprehensive legal advice to Bin-Shihon Group, representing them in negotiations for two pivotal agreements: Exclusive License Agreement and Exclusive Distribution Agreement. These agreements are monumental as they accord Bin-Shihon Group exclusive rights in distributing and marketing Eni branded products, a remarkable feat given Eni’s stature in the global market.

Significant Highlights:

Distinguished personalities graced the signing ceremony of this transaction – H.E. Minister Khalid AlFalih, Minister of Investment of Saudi Arabia, and H.E. Minister Adolfo Urso, Minister of Economic Development of Italy. The ceremony took place at the Italian Saudi Investment Forum held in Milan, amplifying the significance of this transaction on a diplomatic level.

This transaction epitomises HMCO’s adeptness in handling high-stake legal matters, reinforcing our position as a trusted legal advisor in the international arena. Our collaborative approach and our profound understanding of legal intricacies paved the way for a successful transaction, further cementing our long-standing relationship with Bin-Shihon Group. Through this venture, we have fostered our client’s growth and contributed to strengthening the economic ties between Saudi Arabia and Italy.