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Ministry of Justice Launches Labor Calculator Service

The Saudi Ministry of Justice (MoJ) has introduced the first version of an e-service called “labor calculator,” intending to ensure quick payment of dues and labor court proceedings.

“The labor calculator aims to promote legal awareness, facilitate the application of the Labor Law and regulations, and ensure the accuracy of financial labor calculations,” the ministry said. “The calculator is comprehensive and user-friendly, includes all sections on a single web page, and allows users to print out results.”

According to the ministry, the labor calculator includes the primary financial obligations outlined in the Labor Law, including delayed payments, end-of-service benefits, vacation pay, overtime, and compensation for unjust termination, among others.

The ministry’s Research Center and Labor Justice Unit worked on the project by analyzing the Labor Law and regulations, converting the most significant rights into formulas, coding the formulas, and testing the outcomes. The calculator can be found at the following link.