Nora Alnassir joined Hammad & Al-Mehdar Law firm as an associate in September of 2019. Nora has  experience in commercial law, restructuring, litigation as well as providing private legal services and handling inheritance cases.

Nora is a member of the  Human Resource Committee in the firm which focuses on setting strategies, developing policies and implementing hiring and retention strategies.

Academic profile:

  • Bachelor degree in Law from Prince Mohammed bin Fahad University in Khobar.

Related Experience

  • Pleading in many cases before all courts and quasi-judicial bodies in the kingdom, including:
  • The General Court, the first instance Criminal court and the appeal.
  • First Instance Commercial Court and appeal.
  • General secretariate of committee for resolution of securities disputes first instance and appeal.
  • Administrative Court of first Instance and appeal.
  • Office for Settlement of Commercial Paper Disputes in the Saudi Ministry of Commerce.
  • Experience in drafting agreements, resolutions, letters.
  • Experience in Inheritance case.
  • Commission for Settlement of Primary and Higher Labor disputes.
  • Legal writing of all kids of lawsuits, claimant memo, response memos and appeal memos.
  • Drafting and reviewing dissimilar memos.
  • Providing legal advice in all field, including but not limited to (Labor, commercial, personal status, administrative, real estate)
  • Registering companies, and their subsidiary companies, following amendment annexes, and share sale contracts, mergers and continuations.)